From a safety and convenience aspect, crutches are standing ready for you to slip your arms into and not, in the usual position, propped up in the nearest corner or lying dangerously on the floor. At present, anyone with serious leg problems, amputations and hip or knee replacements, need to learn to extricate themselves from a seated position by holding both crutches in one hand and lift themselves out of the seated position with the other, all with one usable leg. This is very difficult, even for the fittest, but particularly for the weak and frail or the elderly. When about to sit you need to have both hands free to locate the chair, correctly position yourself with the back of both legs against the chair, then slowly lower yourself, safely. Not getting it right can cause damage to the new hip or knee.

At home a Crutch Caddy could be placed in various positions, next to your bed, your favourite television chair, kitchen, dining room chair, bathroom, or out on the deck, wherever, so you can move freely from one to the other by yourself. The Crutch Caddy gives you back your independence at home, which hastens recovery. We have testimonials from orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, and private users if required.

“Bathrooms and toilets are not crutch user friendly. Where do you put them within reach, safely?”

– Unique vertical lock and release system

Makes crutches safe and easy to access

Glow in the dark for additional safety

     Glow in the Dark feature. Slide arrows left to right.


Healthcare/Homecare services and Commercial inquires welcome.

One or two Crutch Caddies added to crutch hire is a sensible add on.

Manufactured by
Ausinnovation Pty. Ltd.
Australian Patent: 2011349046
USA Patent: 9675145
Japanese Pat: 5984220
Design Patent No: 15720/10
Made in Australia