About the Crutch Caddy

The Crutch Caddy is a unique Healthcare/Homecare/Disability/ Mobility Aid product designed to hold crutches in an upright position where they should be, right next to you. Till now there has never been a product for this purpose. It is light in weight (1kg/2.2lb) but very durable, portable and unobtrusive and has Glow in The Dark technology.

Crutches are a safety hazard and an inconvenience when not in actual use. They are usually propped up in the nearest corner, leaning dangerously at an angle on the bed or chair, or worse, on the floor.

A Crutch Caddy used in professional settings such as hospital rooms next to beds or chairs, in bathrooms, rehabilitation rooms, waiting rooms and gyms would reduce valuable nursing and assistant manpower needed to retrieve crutches for patients and also give patients some independence. The Crutch Caddy also has Glow in The Dark technology so that even in pitch darkness it is safely seen and acts as a locator for replacement of the crutches.

There is also the commercial application for workplaces and businesses. Restaurants, beauty salons and waiting rooms to mention a few. Consider a busy restaurant scenario with a customer on crutches. Big hazard and annoyance, for both staff and other customers, and embarrassment for the crutch user. An in house Crutch Caddy can solve that.

Giving flowers is a lovely ‘Get Well’ gesture, but giving a Crutch Caddy is giving them a hand, for as long as needed.”

Technical Details

For use with standard 22mm aluminium crutches with standard 43mm(1 3/8”) rubber tip. Two standard Rubber Tips (ferrules) are included with each Crutch Caddy and can be re-ordered online through our website or distributor. See photograph of standard crutches.

The Crutch Caddy is an elliptical plastic dome 348mm (13 ¾”) in length, 235mm (9 ¼”) wide and is 44mm (1 ¾”) at its thickest point which tapers down to floor level at its edge. The dome has two side by side cavities (to accommodate a pair of crutches) each housing a ‘Glow in The Dark’ mechanism (for safety and crutch location in the dark) which holds the crutches in place. The Crutch Caddy is very portable weighing just 800 Grams/ 1.12Lbs and slides easily over any surface.

How The Caddy Works:
The mechanisms locking arms are activated as the rubber tip of the crutch enters the cavity and lock (using the weight of the crutch) around the aluminium tube of the crutch above the rubber tip as the crutch reaches full insertion. The locking arms hold each crutch in a vertical position ready for use. To release and extract the crutches simply lift upwards out of the cavities and the locking arms retract and disappear back into the housing of the dome. So simple.

There is no other product to do this job, SAFELY.

Environmentally Speaking

Used in the manner for which it was designed the Crutch Caddy will last as long as you need it, then you can pass it on and it will continue to serve them also, and so on. . . . . it’s very hardy.

The Crutch Caddy is also 100% recyclable.


Manufactured by
Ausinnovation Pty. Ltd.
Australian Patent: 2011349046
USA Patent: 9675145
Japanese Pat: 5984220
Design Patent No: 15720/10
Made in Australia